About Dakima

Hello, thank you for vising my site, this is where I tell my story—

DAKIMA—What’s in a name

I’ve always wanted to honor my sisters in my business, so I took the letters from all three of our names, DonettA, KIMetha and JAna; combined them together and came up with the name DAKIMA. I thought… umm I wonder if this is an actual word, well low and behold it is, DAKIMA in Swahili means “The Joy of Living”.  I was blown away because the combination of our names expressed exactly who we are and how it was growing up with the most beautiful and expressive women I know and have had the pleasure of journeying with through this life.

I have always enjoyed baking and cooking for as long as I can remember.  Of course, I learned a lot from my mom, she was never afraid and always eager to try new and challenging dishes, she was a very creative person.  I remember she’d leave me the task of making the family’s birthday cakes, which I loved doing.  

As I began my own family, my baking evolved. When my children were young we would make pretzels, pizza, breads, sugar cinnamon chips (their favorite), cakes, all sorts of snacks.  I eventually learned how to bake from scratch and now I make everything from scratch—I find it’s more flavorful and overall better for you. 

Today I enjoy making custom cakes, I like the challenge of designing and creating, not to mention it’s extremely therapeutic; as it produces an exciting, finished product.  I have since mastered the art of making macarons! I just simply love and enjoy baking any and everything, this has helped me to grow and evolve in my baking.

—for me the best part of baking are my many satisfied clients!  I get great joy seeing the look on their faces when they see what they’ve envisioned become a reality!

 This is DAKIMA…

“Jana, ...you are such a creative, loving and giving soul! The first time I tried your baked goods you made me feel such a sense of happiness.  I hope you know how much I appreciate you and how much I notice the love you put into your work.  Thank you for being you. With Love, Bailee” (@bailee_cakes a baker whose work I admire)

Well, that's the start of DAKIMA!  I invite you to journey with me as we explore the "Joy of Living" through baking!

God Bless!