• Spring Cake Pop Cookie Bouquet

    Spring is in the air!  Try our Spring cake pop, cookie bouquet to brighten your day or send a gift of love!

  • Spring Is In The Air
  • Whimsical Jello Filled Birthday Cake

    The strawberry jello is used as a simple syrup.  Not only does it make this buttery semi dense cake moist it adds a kick of strawberry flavor to it as well.  When cut it also adds to the fun of [read more…]

  • Cupcake Bouquets

    The weather has been so nice these past couple of weeks from February into March so I had to make another Cupcake Bouquet.  The first one was so much fun; the possibilities are endless.  I actually get excited when I [read more…]

  • Jumbo Cupcake w/Chocolate Shell

    My second 1st year Smash Cake, still don’t understand the concept but hey, another opportunity to be creative… lol! This is a jumbo red velvet cupcake; the outer shell is white chocolate and the frosting is to die for!!!… it’s [read more…]