Ice Cream Birthday Cake

After doing all those cakes for the bridal/bachelor parties I ased my grandson, what kind of cake do you like? He said ice cream cake… hahahahahahahahahaha, I’m like O boy here we go again. I’ve never made an ice cream cake before, but of course I took up the challenge! Well I do believe it was the HOTTEST day of the summer… ugh!! And we had to travel a little over an hour to get to our destination/birthday party… smh! I ran out to the ice store that morning and purchased dry ice thinking that would help… hahahahahahaha! Well, anyway, here goes; the cake was two layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreos. I wanted to see how it would look encased in fondant, it LOOKED AMAZING, really it did… lol! I made fondant and gummy Legos, along with gummy Lego men. I stopped at the store and purchased a can of whipped cream…lol cause, you know, smh… the cake was melting, but creativity to the rescue I hooked that cake up with whipped cream to offset the areas that melted while on the long and hot ride. Needless to say my grandson LOVED his cake and everyone else enjoyed it too. The fondant over the ice cream gave it an exceptional taste almost like eating soft chocolate and ice cream together!

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