Beer Bottle Bachelor Cake

So, being in wedding festivity mode I presented another challenge to myself. I wanted to surprise my son with a beer barrel cake for his bachelor party. O boy, what a hoot… this was challenging in that, again I’m just staring out and did not have the bottle molds so I tried to make them myself… hahahahahaha; well the hot sugar melted my MOLDS!!! I should have saw that coming, but nothing will stop my creativity, so I used real bottles with fondant caps… lol; my grandson and I made the labels! Anyway; the cake was a white cake with crushed Oreo Vanilla frosting filling; the Ice cubes were made out of sugar; I love how the colors complimented each other; it so totally went well with the whole theme…lol. The barrel was made with modelling chocolate and fondant rim. Now the cookies…hahahaha; remember I’m just starting out and don’t have a lot of tools, but that won’t stop me. I made the beer mug cookie cutters out of aluminum foil. This was the second time I made cookies; starting to understand the concept!

Well my grandson and I drove our cake to my son’s bachelor party and the cake was greeted with such awe and excitement. I was told that everyone ate the cake and they loved it; (I was told) because I had to high tail it out of there in a hurry cause you know, it WAS a BACHELOR PARTY and MOM of ALL people could not stick around… hahahahahaha!

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