Jumbo Ice Cream Cupcake



Just like my grandson, my son only likes ice cream cakes, so….. I made a jumbo ice cream cupcake; the outer shell is a swirl caramel and white chocolate mixture. The bottom is a crushed Oreo crust, bottom layer chocolate with crushed Oreos and snickers; second layer is vanilla chocolate with same filling… I won’t go into details about the challenges of this creation, but it was fun and well worth seeing the finished product… Well, okay the first shell I made cracked because I didn’t cut the cake down to size…hahahahahahahaha. But again creativity clicked in and I used the pieces from the first shell to decorate the cupcake! I’m really trying my had at new things… I swirled my favorite frosting; that was interesting how to do it and it turned out AWESOME! When I stepped back and took a gander I’m look WOW that really looks like an ice cream Sunday… hahahahahaha!

That was fun!!!

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