Pricing Details


I specialize in custom cakes of all kinds.  My cakes are not your average bakery, grocery store or discount warehouse club cakes.  All of my work is hand-crafted made with precision, joy and love; I love creating for my Customers.  Each cake is baked fresh NEVER frozen for your special order.  Cakes are priced on a per cake basis but I do have a starting price for all of my creations.  There is an $85.00 minimum on all cake orders.  There are MANY costs involved in creating your special cake, such as, cake boards, cake boxes, dowels and other supports, colors, the cost of fine ingredients that make the cake; buttercream frosting (Swiss Meringue Buttercream-SMB) on most cakes, as well as, fondant; traditional and white chocolate fondant.

Prices for all 3D and sculpted cakes start at $125.00 regardless of serving size due to the cost of materials used and hours to create your AWESOME 3D cake to impress.  For this reason a cake to feed 8 people will cost as much as (or possibly more than depending on the cake and the time consuming details) as to feed 25 people.


Fillings other than SMB and specialty flavors are $.50 extra per slice.  Additional filling items, i.e.  M&M’s, candy, nuts, etc. will be an added per slice fee of $.50 for the first two (2) items per slice and $.20 per item per slice, thereafter.

Each cake is a one-of-a-kind creation that is made to order.  The final cost of your cake is determined by many factors including:  serving size, cake flavor, amount of tiers, fillings, complexity of design, time consuming details, toppers and whether fondant and /or gumpaste is used and how much is used.

All cakes that are covered in fondant have a SMB frosting in between the layers and around the cake before the fondant is applied.  Additional charges on cakes and cupcakes may apply for specialty flavors or fillings, cake sculpting, complex SMB designs, detailed piping and painting, gumpaste decorations (figures, toppers, etc.), fondant details and other time consuming elements.

Again, please keep in mind the amount of time it takes to design, research aspects of the cake (researching types of designs that the cake may be modeled after), bake, assemble and decorate your cake.  To make your cake look AWESOME and taste oh so DELICIOUS is a time consuming process and is factored into the final price of your cake.


3D Custom Cakes

Starting prices for cakes:

$4.00 per slice for SMB frosting

$5.00 per slice for SMB frosting covered in fondant

$6.00 per slice for SMB frosting covered in white chocolate fondant or Ganache

$125 minimum for 3D or sculpted cakes with SMB frosting and fondant

Fillings other than SMB an additional $.50 extra per slice.